What We Do

Commerce StThe Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition is a Catalyst for Change
Our work is to build a coordinated transportation system that provides safe and efficient transportation, supports and creates vibrant, healthy and livable communities and uses our resources wisely and efficiently. The PCCTC members work together to provide a range of transportation choices for people who cannot transport themselves due to age, disability or income. Through these partners and programs, the lives of seniors, the disabled, and other vulnerable residents of Pierce County may be sustained and improved.

Transportation Services

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The PCCTC Develops Transportation Resources.
Age, disability, serious illness, poverty, as well as language and cultural issues, create barriers to accessing needed transportation. A lack of transportation can also prevent individuals with low incomes from getting and keeping jobs. The PCCTC has worked collaboratively to plan and implement services in Tacoma and throughout Pierce County. The Coordinated Plan guides the use of state and federal dollars spent in support of these special needs transportation projects.

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Travel Ambassador

The PCCTC provides "Travel Options" workshops
Transportation plays an important role in people's lives. The Travel Ambassador program offers workshops for case managers and community members in an attempt to make everyone aware of the many transportation resources available in Pierce County.

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Get Involved

The PCCTC develops the Coordinated Transportation Plan.
The Coordinated Plan is meant to help public transits, the Medicaid broker, private transportation providers and human services agencies find ways to reduce the duplication of services. The key to a successful coordination effort is to develop a transportation plan that builds a shared vision and encourages innovative solutions. For more information about how to help with the work of the PCCTC, see the Get Involved page.

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Meeting Dates

The PCCTC Creates Partnerships
All are welcome to join the PCCTC or attend a monthly meeting. See the Meeting Dates page for more information.