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Pierce Transit was founded in 1979 when local voters approved a 0.3% sales tax to fund public transportation. We have grown to become one of Washington’s largest public transit systems, serving  575,000 of Pierce County's residents in a 292 square mile area including Tacoma, Puyallup, Lakewood and Gig Harbor.

Our Mission is to Serve
We deliver outstanding transportation services that match our customers’ needs. Pierce Transit’s goal is to be a resource for our community, providing:

  • safe, affordable, reliable transportation for all our citizens
  • reduced traffic congestion and air pollution
  • economic growth by linking workers with jobs
  • access to higher education by linking students with colleges

Try Pierce Transit!

It’s safe—Passenger safety is our number one concern
It’s convenient and on time—Most buses operate every 30 to 60 minutes
It’s comfortable and clean—Modern buses, washed and vacuumed nightly
It’s easy and friendly—Customer Services will plan your trip for you
It’s a bargain—Unlimited ride monthly passes plus youth, senior and disabled discounts

Transportation Services

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Pierce Transit provides both local (within Pierce County) and regional routes that allow travel between cities. Pierce Transit's routes serve 36,500 customers daily and all of our vehicles meet accessibility requirements. Try our online trip planner or call our customer services office to answer your questions. (253) 581-8000

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SHUTTLE is a shared-ride, public transportation service for customers who, because of their disabilities, are unable to ride a regular Pierce Transit bus. SHUTTLE provides door-to-door service, or in some instances, transportation to transit centers or bus stops to connect with regular bus service. You must complete an eligibility process to qualify for this service.

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Vanpooling is a lifestyle choice for many Washington commuters, as our state boasts the highest number of vanpoolers in the country. Nearly 300 Pierce Transit vanpools operate today. A safe, comfortable, stress-free, money saving commute could be yours, too. Our community benefits through reduced air pollution and less traffic congestion. For personalized assistance with joining or forming a vanpool, please contact us today.

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Carpool offers a flexible, informal agreement to share the ride. Many people find this to be a convenient, cost-effective option to commuting alone. Let us help you find a match!