Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition

Transportation plays an important role in people's lives. Regardless of age or ability, people need to be able to get around in the community so that they can receive medical care and social services, shop for necessities or visit with family and friends. Reliable and accessible transportation is key to a full life in the community.

The Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition (PCCTC) is a catalyst for change. Members work to coordinate transportation between public transit, human services agencies and private transportation providers. The PCCTC develops the Pierce County Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. The Coordinated Plan is the roadmap for building a coordinated transportation system.

This website can connect you with important news and information about transportation options available in Pierce County. Whether you are a human services agency staff person seeking special needs transportation or an individual exploring transportation options, you will find information about "How to Get A Ride" in Pierce County.